What is marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software is used to automate repetitive marketing processes. By using marketing automation tools a business can use its website to attract visitors, convert these to leads and then nurture these leads through to buy-ready. Leads can be scored based on their behaviour and interests and then presented with pre-programmed campaign messages using email and social media. A key feature of marketing automation is its ability to integrate with the most commonly used CRM systems such as SalesForce or HighRise. Marketers aim to close-the-loop by tracking each lead from first contact right throughout the process to a sale.

Marketing automations role with inbound marketing

Marketing automation plays a key role in inbound marketing as the software provides the efficiency to manage the many disparate aspects of inbound marketing along with the ability to measure every connection for comprehensive marketing ROI.

There are many marketing automation providers out there including providers such as HubSpot, Unica (IBM), Eloqua, Marketo and others. Features and cost vary considerably but a popular choice is HubSpot which provides an all-in-one solution that meets the requirements of most B2B and B2C marketers.

What does it cost?

Marketing automation software is available from £200 per month. The software helps you to get found (SEO, blog and social media tools), convert (landing pages, calls-to-action, email marketing and lead nurturing) and analyse (marketing ROI).